2-27 - Presidentialism Effects of parliamentarism...

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Presidentialism Effects of parliamentarism conditional Most effects depend on type of cabinet Single party majority (eg, UK) o Stable, effective, not inclusive Coalition (eg, Italy) o Unstable, less effective, more inclusive How Presidentialism Works Separate origin and separate survival of executive and legislature o Separate elections, fixed terms (max terms) Assembly passes laws President also has powers o Name and direct government (usually one party) o Legislative powers Major policy changes require cooperation Variations on Presidentialism Legislative powers of President o Can issue decrees o Exclusive proposal rights (eg, budget) o Veto powers (line item, % to overrule) Reelection limits (1 term, 2 terms, none) Timing and form of elections (midterm elections etc.) Legislature involved in government o Approve ministers, recall/censure Origin of Presidentialism and Parliamentarism England: Parliament emerges as check to monarch US: English system but without monarch o President stands in for monarch As England democratizes
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2-27 - Presidentialism Effects of parliamentarism...

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