9-28 Lecture - American Government and Politics Lecture...

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9/28/06 Lecture Federalism 1. Political Authority in the Federal System 2. The Development of Federalism - Origins of Conflict - Four Re-Foundings 1. Jeffersonian 2. Jacksonian 3. Civil War 4. New Deal States have some power, national would have some enumerated powers for national government (expressed powers) States were given reserves powers (most others) Police Power (preserves morals, health, etc.) Constitution created openings for confusion- ambiguous language giving implied powers - necessary and proper clause - implied source of power - everything else goes to the states (contrasted with amendment to have state power) - who has governing authority? Who does what? Which responsibilities lie where? - Created structure but left flexibility Political Authority: who has the legitimate right to exercise government power Power: Ability to get something done Authority: Right to exercise power (accepted)-commonly understood Framers couldn’t agree on issue of power and authority ambiguous language results - reinterpretation of proper meaning of language of constitution Story of Federalism is struggle for political authority George Washington 1789 Debates arose took shape along two partisan lines - Alexander Hamilton- Leader of Federalist Party *national power *social elitists *government further removed from people the better *more stability, order - Jeffersonian Republicans *Political authority could be trusted nowhere but the people *”We the people”. ..of the states *Federal Government is not Superior Hamilton was a nationalist- wanted to establish a national bank for national debt and encourage manufacturing through a system of tariffs. Jefferson opposed the national bank because it would create a dangerous link between
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9-28 Lecture - American Government and Politics Lecture...

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