9-26 Lecture - American Government & Politics 9/26/06 -...

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9/26/06 - Lecture   http://www2.wwnorton.com/wtp5e  --> textbook reference   The Constitution 1. Constitution- Building 1776- declaration and 1787 (constitution) = formative period Practical compromise during the struggle to create system of government Articles of confederation- loosely bound together states quickly proved unsuccessful- no executive power.--> no one to carry out laws - no judiciary - couldn’t stop the states from battling between states - reaction of pressing authority from Crown resulted in limited authority (over reacted) Shae’s rebellion drove fear into hearts of elite Constitution was a marriage of interest and principle Existing social order was the only thing that kept it together (needs laws to preserve order) - strong central gov. to est. social and economic order and existing was too weak. Why should we follow Constitution today? Practical Constraints 55 reps of 12 states assembled to build a new government. Equipped with some of the best theoretical understanding of their day. Roman republic was not much of a guide US gov. was most accomplished in the world Framers were bold, creative- took a leap of faith in principle that ppl were able to govern themselves -popular sovereignty was a new idea Republican - representative society (superior to any other forms) Hamilton was in love with an unrestrained executive power- British loyalist Hamilton wanted George Washington to preside May have reduced his influence at the constitution conference Washington was presiding at the constitutional convention
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- people would hold ultimate power
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9-26 Lecture - American Government & Politics 9/26/06 -...

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