10-17 Lecture - American Government & Politics 10/17/06...

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10/17/06 “The Presidency” 1. Institutional Presidency 2. The drift of the war power: Congress Presidency - justifications 2 most important staffers: cabinet: VP and heads of 15 departments Until 60s the cabinet constituted the most important part to the president Presidents have EOP (executive office of president) OMB develops federal government for proposals - every fact goes through the OMB (central clearing house for policy related issues) - Office of management and budget - After 1950’s staff expanded and there are more assistants war commerce of president has grown the most: ideas of liberty, democracy and equality war power: article one section 8 (congress has power to declare war) their decisions also say they have the power to make other decisions about war framers originally had conflicts reaching a consensus and their practical constraints is difference of opinion but delegates agreed that making war ought to rest on a collective judgment (so put it in congress) though presidents are making more war making authority and congress gave the presidents the power therefore making the institution of president more powerful formal declaration of war is a thing of the past and authority has shifted in the first few decades the war decisions remained in congress Washington declared that he couldn’t do anything until he consulted the congress Jefferson’s contribution is that he reserved right to act first and then ask congress for authorization (act quickly as commander in chief)
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10-17 Lecture - American Government & Politics 10/17/06...

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