10-5 Lecture - American Government & Politics...

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Unformatted text preview: American Government & Politics 10/5/06 Lecture Civil Rights Political Equality: right to participate in politics on equal terms, equal access to ballot Social Equality: Participation in society on equal terms- implies open or inclusive communities Without freedom everything in constitution didnt matter American Lore to think of Civil War as trying to fight for equality but really it was fought over liberty. It was never its purpose to have equality after the war Out of the Civil War came the legal basis for idea of civil rights (gov. had obligation that citizens have equal treatment under law) After Civil War they ratified Civil War Amendments (changed relationship between federal and states) How were the amendments ratified?- constitution came first and people changed generations later 1861-1865 Civil War Set up policies to integrate former slaves back into society 14 th amendment Constitution was amended in 1868 Southern states were coerced into ratifying it Re-admittance of southern states into union depended on ratification of the 14...
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10-5 Lecture - American Government & Politics...

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