2-11 - How do we study Culture? • • • Hard to measure...

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How do we study Culture? Hard to measure o Public opinion polls- hope to generalize public at large o Patterns of behavior- careful because behavior is indicated by culture (ex. Striking in France= behavior) o History, literature, religion (Ex: Great Gatsby good but not scientific) Is culture an independent or dependent variable? Usually focus first on structures: social classes, institutions o Easier to define, measure Claim: Asian values help economic growth What are “Asian Values”? o Belief in ordered society o Obedience to authority o Strong family ties o Thriftiness, hard work o Willingness to defer gratification o Respect for Education Can Asian Values explain the Asian miracle? Do all Asian countries (all Asian people) hold these values? Are these values unique to Asia? Are these the only values that Asians hold? o Is there also individualism, hedonism in Asian culture? If culture is key, why does growth come only now? Do these values only have positive effects? o Respect for authority inhibits innovation Claim that Democracy is inappropriate for Asia? Who is making the claim? Is it the dictator? Distinguish this from claim that democracy hurts economic growth. o Does case for democracy depend on economic growth? Is it true that Asian traditions don’t value or want freedom?
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2-11 - How do we study Culture? • • • Hard to measure...

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