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Emily Kramer Music 162 10/22/07 Pinback Pinback is a San Diego-based indie rock band consisting of two main musicians, Armistead Burwell Smith IV and Rob Crow. The band began recording together in 1998; they released their first album a year later. Since then, Pinback has become a highly successful band. They tour internationally, and have released five albums over the past eight years. Their most recent album, “Autumn of the Seraphs”, was released during the summer of 2007. Pinback utilizes various musical techniques to maintain originality in their music; however, their musical pieces are not very diverse. Overall, many of their songs sound very similar. The concert was at the Showbox, in downtown Seattle, and drew a decent-sized crowd. I immediately noticed that the audience consisted mostly of young adults, most of which were probably between the ages of seventeen and twenty-three. Other than age, however, there was quite a diverse group of people attending the concert. Nevertheless, the entire audience was enjoying the music. The floor at the Showbox is large, open, and continues right up to the stage; the floor was full of people clambering to make it closer to the stage. The Showbox seemed like the perfect location for this concert. Inside, it was loud and crowded; the small space made the floor seem chaotic, which is a common perception of rock concerts. Pinback, unlike many larger
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correctedconcertanalysis - Emily Kramer Music 162 10/22/07...

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