Quiz #3 - 11, February 2008 HIST 113 Pgs. 109 125 Turbulent...

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11, February 2008 HIST 113 Turbulent Passage Quiz #3 Pgs. 109 – 125 1.) Why was the Dreadnaught important? A: World War I had touched off the greatest arms race in all of history to that time. Then, huge new warships had appeared. Such as the Dreadnaught, which was the first ship, built during World War I, which launched in 1906 and the German has had to build a ship in their response, and kept the naval rivalry at a fever pitch. (Adas, 2006) 2.) Why did the Britain’s entry into World War I make it a global war? A: “More than any other power was Britain’s participation in the war which contributed to its globalization. The British navy had not only cut off Germany from its colonies in Africa, China, and the Pacific Islands, it hunted down German ships still on the high seas at the outbreak of war. Perhaps most critically, British naval supremacy meant that an effective blockade could be maintained that would deprive the central powers of supplies of food and raw materials from overseas throughout the war.” (Adas, 2006) Which had then made it a naval combat war between Great Britain and Germany? 3.) What were the central powers in World War I? (Name all four, just list them). A: The Central Powers in World War I were Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, And the Ottoman Empire. 4.) Name at least six of the Triple Entente or Allied Nations of World War I? (Do not list colonies or protectorates). A: The Triple Entente or the Allied Nations in World War I were Great Britain, France, Finland, Russia, Poland, and Egypt. 5.) Why did Russia do so badly in World War I? (Give three reasons). A: Russia fared so poorly in World War I because, Once Russia had mobilized against
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Quiz #3 - 11, February 2008 HIST 113 Pgs. 109 125 Turbulent...

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