Quiz #6 Pgs. 208 � 218

Quiz #6 Pgs. 208 � 218 - 1, April 2008 HIST 113 Pgs....

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1, April 2008 HIST 113 Turbulent Passage Quiz #6 Pgs. 208 – 218 1.) Name 3 outcomes of the Potsdam conference in July 1945? A: The Soviet Union could take over much of eastern Poland, with poles gaining part of eastern Germany, Germany was divided by the Berlin Wall pending the final peace treaty that wasn’t suppose to take place for more than 40 years. 2.) What happened in India immediately after the British withdrew forces in 1947? A: Jinnah and the league had held a rally regarding widespread anxieties of the Muslim minority even thou the Indian nation had been dominated by Hindu majority. Therefore, in the summer of 1947 British handed power to the majority congress party and Jinnah had become the first president of India. 3.) The first country to achieve India in subsaharin was ________ in what year? A: The first to conquer India had been Ghana in 1957. 4.) Who was Kwame N. Nkrumah? A: Hey was the Prime Minister of Ghana, which at the time was the first black African
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Quiz #6 Pgs. 208 � 218 - 1, April 2008 HIST 113 Pgs....

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