Quiz #7 Pgs. 223-245

Quiz #7 Pgs. 223-245 - HIST 113 14, April 2008 Pgs. 223...

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HIST 113 14, April 2008 Turbulent Passage Quiz #7 Pgs. 223 – 245 1.) What is meant by the Third World of the Cold War era? A: During the Cold War era, the Communist party and the Capitalist Party global rivalry had had started to contain power struggles within and between decolonized societies. The “Third World” countries had become known as sugarcoating there Diplomatic conversations during the Cold War, which had provided major outlets for the military strength of both East and West. As well as, the Foreign aid and the assistance of international lending agencies for instance, the International Monetary Fund and World Bank which have been a supply of great degree which regard political issues and the economic policies of the leaders. In addition, the countries, which participated, have been doing so along the same line with Communist or capitalist strategies. 2.) How much has the world population increased since 1930? A: The world population had taken tens of thousands of years to reach a world population of six billion by 1990. In addition, nearly four of the six billion have been born during the six decades since 1930, which also includes the “Baby Boom” era. 3.) What was the Warsaw Pact? A: The amount of lives lost reflected on the population of 26 million people had lost their lives in the conflict during World War II with the Nazis. Having established, in effect, the sway of the Soviet Union in the countries of Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and the Balkans excluding Yugoslavia and the Warsaw Pact
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Quiz #7 Pgs. 223-245 - HIST 113 14, April 2008 Pgs. 223...

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