Quiz #2 Pgs. 61 - 99

Quiz #2 Pgs. 61 - 99 - John Kontogiannis HIST 113 Pgs 61 99...

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HIST 113 Quiz #2 Pgs. 61 – 99 1.) Name 3 points that Davey from John Buchan’s Adventure story Preston John sees as keys to civilizing missions white rulers over black people. A: In Davey’s adventure story, he says that he has to take risks regarding his life or his fortunes and well content to find his reward in fulfilling his task. The difference between white and black is the gift of responsibility. The power of being in a little way a king; and so long as we know it and practise it. 2.) Who were the Boers of South Africa? And, what were there two republics? A: The Boers of South Africa were farmers in South Africa. And, there two republics were in the interior, named the Orange Free State and the Transvaal, which they tried to keep free of British Influence. 3.) Who were the Caudillo’s? A: The Caudillio’s are independent leaders who dominated local areas by force in defiance of national policies and who sometimes seized the national government itself to inpose their their concept of rule. 4.) Who was the dictator of Mexico between 1876 and 1911?
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Quiz #2 Pgs. 61 - 99 - John Kontogiannis HIST 113 Pgs 61 99...

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