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GCU325- Andalucia Video- Question with answers

GCU325- Andalucia Video- Question with answers -...

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Andalucia 1. Now one of the poorest regions of Western Europe, Andalucia is known for its tourism, folklore, and tradition . 2. Andalucia is the part of Western Europe that was for the longest under Muslim rule (from 711-1492 A.D.). 3. As a region of the conquistadors, Andalucia, and especially its capital, Seville, saw the riches of America(s) the pass through its gates. 4. A section of the region has increased its tomato production and this has strengthened
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Unformatted text preview: Andalucia's agriculture economy. 5. Spain has undertaken a century-long project of becoming __European_. 6. A high-speed train between Madrid and Seville is evidence of this push. 7. Andalucia has the climate and some other points in common with California but economically it is not like it. 8. According to James Sidaway, agriculture and tourism remain Andalucia's main industries, rather than manufacturing....
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