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COMM484-Final COMM Paper - Comm484 Spring 2007 Team...

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Comm484, Spring 2007 Team Proposal Paper Team 4 - Ernest Fears, Whitney Frederick, Ji Young Lee, Ryan Richards 02/28/2008 Cell Phone Technology As we continue to move further into an increasingly digital world, there is no question that cell phones have emerged as one of the most important technologies of this movement. As more and more people around the globe continue to buy cell phones with more and more capabilities, the way we communicate with each other is continually redefined on a year to year basis. In an effort to further understand this essential technology, this paper will attempt to examine the history of the cell phone industry, current and future technologies that make cell phones possible, the social affects of cell phones, and some of the challenges they generally present. History: Since its inception the cell phone industry has always been challenged, whether it is from competing with landlines to entering new markets, the cell phone has fought to earn its place as one of the most dominant technologies in the world. As we delve deeper into the cell phone era more and more challenges about the technology itself and its effect on our world arise. The cell phone industry is on that is constantly undergoing changes and innovations and along with those constant changes comes new challenges that they must
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face on a near daily basis. The cell phone industry now must face the Health, safety, and social concerns presented by experts on what seems to be a normal basis. Now scientists believe that the prevalence of the use of cell phones has been link with some serious health issues. Since the cell phone is such a new study there are few long term studies on the effect that cell phones have on our health, but there are cases arising across the world that show it might have an adverse effect on our health. The cell phone technology, which runs on radio waves being transmitted from cell phones to a base station seamlessly, exposes its users to a constant stream of radio waves. It is now believed by scientists that those radio waves increases peoples risk for cancer and brain tumors. In 2006 a RMIT university building, which had a cell phone base tower on the roof, in Melbourne Australia was evacuated after 7 people in a 7year span had been diagnose with brain tumors. Telstra, the owners of the towers, claimed that the area around the towers had a normal reading of radio waves when they tested the area in 1999 yet the cases are involve people who worked there for a decade or longer so it is clear that this tumor cluster had to come from the prolonged exposure to these radio waves (Macnamara 2006). A Study done in October 2002 by cell biologist Fiorenzo Marinelli and his team at the National Research Council in Bologna, Italy, reported that radio waves from mobile phones could promote the growth of cancer cells. He did an experiment that showed that exposure of radio waves to leukemia cells for over 48 hours caused them to multiply more rapidly than they normally would. These are the same radio waves that we are exposed to
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COMM484-Final COMM Paper - Comm484 Spring 2007 Team...

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