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BENG 100b: FRONTIERS OF BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Spring semester 2007 Professor W. Mark Saltzman; [email protected] Teaching Fellows: Yen Cu, Serge Kobsa; [email protected] and [email protected] Grading: midterm 30%, final 30%, homework 10%, and research paper 30%. Lecture Topic Reading assignment (to be done before lecture) Week 1 Jan 15, 17 What is Biomedical Engineering? Section: Introduction to Biochemistry and Physiology Chapter 1, 2, and 4 Week 2 Jan 22, 24 Genetic Engineering Section: From Strawberries to Gene Therapy Chapter 3 Week 3 Jan 29, 31 Cell Culture Engineering Section: Cell Culture Technology Chapter 5 Week 4 Feb 5, 7 Cell Communication and Immunology Section: Antibody Technology Chapter 6 Week 5 Feb 12, 14 Biomolecular Engineering: Engineering of Immunity Section: Epidemiology and spread of disease Chapter 15 Week 5 Feb 19, 21 Biomolecular Engineering: General Concepts Section: Drug Delivery Chapter 14 Week 7 Feb 26, 28 Cardiovascular Physiology Section: Review for Midterm
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