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EDL 100: Career Development and the College Student Instructor: Tamekka Cornelius Section TP Office: 144 Kreger Hall Phone: (513) 529-2747 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: by appointment Purpose: Throughout your life, you will make many decisions related to career. You made the choice to come to Miami University for an undergraduate degree, which was a decision related to career whether or not you thought of it that way. You may or may not have chosen a major, another career-related choice. At some point you will have to choose a field in which to work, obviously a career choice. Along the way, you will make many other choices related to career, such as whether or not to do an internship (and where), the nature of part-time or summer work you do, and whether or not to pursue a minor. You may already feel certain of some of these decisions, and may even have a career path in mind. However, there are some important questions you should consider regarding your career choices. Why specifically are the choices you are making good (or are they good)? How is it you came to make these choices? Who and what affected your choices? Do you really know enough to make an informed decision regarding career? The reality is, most people do not know all of the options for careers and majors available to them. Miami has about 150 majors, and there are over 12,000 careers a person can pursue (don’t worry, most people work in one of about 450 of these). Do you know all of your options? If not, how can you make an informed decision? Don’t worry, this class is designed to help you learn how to do this!
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edl100-syllabus - EDL 100 Career Development and the...

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