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002 midterm review

002 midterm review - Duccio Maesta Altarpiece 1311 o...

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Duccio Maesta Altarpiece 1311 o Mary=bigger than everyone else, centralized Different people different sizes, notion of scale, importance Slender fingers o Public object of attention, patrons (representatives from church) o Frontality, facing us, flatness o Predella=lower zone of altarpiece o Influenced by Byzantine art/Constantinople o Notion of movement and narration Could follow the story o Exterior and interior scene o Gold paint, vermillion, lapis lazuli literalization of preciousness and adoration, expensive, unique and precious o Symmetrical work o Embodies object and subject of representation icon Metaphysical o Stacking o Christ tempted by satan Sky is golden Main figures=much bigger scale Good guys appear on right side, viewer on the left Arena Chapel 1303 Giotto o One side virtues, the other side vices o Less attention to special elements o Blessing of Christ ressurecting dead, Lazarus o Fresco-painted on the wall o Powerful sense of action and drama slow motion o Minimal landscape many figures seen from behind o Beginning and ending on opposite sides of the chapel o Giving model of church to 3 angels o Narrative of old testament progression, redemptive connotation, portray patrons Perugino Delivery of the Keys o Fresco o Grid, recession o Illusion of space o Compression of space, flatness o Sense of egalitarianism o Form communicates content o Can’t see all their faces, disposition of bodies o Physical Donatello David 1408 o Made into symbol of Florence o Heroism and conquest
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o City state that managed to survive o Youth and beauty Donatello St. Mark/San Michele 1411-13 o Guilds show off their identity o Standing single, patron saints for each guild o Linen drapers guild counter poised pose, contra posto Looks like one leg has the ability to move, one is immobile o Clothing, draped o Civic embodiment stands for the guild and the city as a whole Lorenzo Ghiberti St. John the Baptist, Or San Michele 1412-1417 o Bronze-not marble like Donatello o Curves and coils, sweeping folds of the robe o Symmetry vs. matted more realistic of Donatello Ghiberti 1419 St. Matthew Or San Michele o Bankers guild Matthew=tax collector, banker Donatello St. George Or San Michele 1416 o Armorers guild st. george slays dragon to save maiden o Emblem of the civic virtues of the city Donatello Gattamelata 1447 o St. Anthony’s Square, Padua o Equestrian portrait o General on horseback condotierri o Giant, bronze, more than lifesize o First sculptor since Rome to make an Equesttrian portrait o Lifelike not perfect, fusio of ancient armour with modern braodswrod o 1 st equestrian sculpture since ancient times o Renaissance-trying to make connection with classical past (rebirth) o Not idealized, more realistic o Public work, accessible o Honey cat-nickname Donatello David 1455 o Bronze=luxurious and more expensive o Made for leading family of Florence, Medici Michaelengelo David 1501 o In Florence o
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002 midterm review - Duccio Maesta Altarpiece 1311 o...

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