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Review for Exam Two - Digestive

Review for Exam Two - Digestive - Large intestine Lingual...

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Review for Exam Two - Digestion The following are important terms and concepts to be covered on the third exam. All of the following information is important but is not necessarily inclusive of all information which may be on the exam. Chapter 13 – The Digestive System Vocabulary: Abomassum Accessory digestive gland Alimentary canal Ameloblasts Anus Buccal cavity Buccopharyngeal membrane Canines Carnassials Cecum Cementum Cheek Cheek pouch Cheek teeth Chime Choanae Cloaca Cloacal membrane Coprodeum Crop Deciduous dentition Deglutition Dental formula Dentin Digesta Diphydont Duodenum Enamel Esophagus Foregut Foregut fermentation Gall bladder Gastric fermentation Gizzard Glottis Hard palate Heterodont Hindgut Hindgut fermentation Homodont Ileocolic (ileocecal) valve Ileum Incisors Internal nares Jacobson’s organ Jejunum Lacteals
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Unformatted text preview: Large intestine Lingual feeding Liver Microvilli Midgut Molars Odontoblasts Omasum Pancreas Periodontal membrane Peristalsis Permanent dentition Pharynx Polyphydont Premolars Primary palate Proctodeum Proventriculus Pyloric ceca Rectal gland Rectum Reticulum Rugae Rumen Rumination Salivary gland Scroll valve Secondary palate Small intestine Soft palate Spiral valve Stomach Stomodeum Taste bud Tusks Typhlosoel Urodeum Venom gland Vent Vermiform appendix Vomeronasal organ Concepts: (There is an error in the text on page 522) Provetriculus is anterior gizzard. Differences between foregut and hindgut fermenters. Modifications in the digestive tract of each class of vertebrates. Parts and function of each division of the digestive tract....
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  • Digestive System, Large intestine, Foregut Foregut fermentation, digestive gland Alimentary, Ameloblasts Anus

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