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Review for Exam Two - Muscles

Review for Exam Two - Muscles - Flight muscles Horizontal...

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Review for Exam Two – Muscles The following are important terms and concepts to be covered on the second exam. All of the following information is important but is not necessarily inclusive of all information which may be on the exam. Chapter 10 – The Muscular System Vocabulary: Abduct Adduct Agibust Antagonist Branchiomeric Cardiac Muscle Constrict Depress Dilate Elevate Extend Flex
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Unformatted text preview: Flight muscles Horizontal septum Hypobrachial Insertion Mimetic muscles Myosepta Origin Protract Retract Rotate Skeletal muscle Smooth Muscle Sphincter Supinate Synergist Tendon Concepts: Determination of muscle phylogeny Embryonic origins of muscle groups Importance of locations of muscle attachment Muscle classification Muscle functions Muscle types...
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