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Review for Exam Two - Respiratory - Glottis Hemibranch...

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Review for Exam Two – Respiratory The following are important terms and concepts to be covered on the second exam. All of the following information is important but is not necessarily inclusive of all information which may be on the exam. Chapter 11 – The Respiratory System Vocabulary: Air capillaries Alveoli Apnea Bronchi Bronchioles Buccal pump Counter current exchange Cross current exchange Cutaneous respiration Diaphragm Diaphragmatic muscles Dual pump External respiration Faveoli Gas bladder Gill ray Gills (internal and external)
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Unformatted text preview: Glottis Hemibranch Holobranch Internal respiration Lungs Operculum Parabronchi Passive Diffusion Perfusion Physoclistous Physostomous Pneumatic duct Pseudobranch Respiratory gas bladder Respiratory unit Rete mirabile Spiracle Swim bladder Trachea Uniform pool Ventilation Concepts: Aspiration pump Buccal pump Difference between faveolar lungs and alveolar lungs How gills work Understand difference between ventilation and respiration What perfusion is...
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