Study Questions - Johnson Chs 1-3

Study Questions - Johnson Chs 1-3 - Marisa Meisner Spring...

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Marisa Meisner Spring 2008 Johnson Chapters 1-3 Archaeology as Science Johnson, Chapter 1 1. What four reasons does Johnson give for why theory is relevant to archaeological practice? 1. We need to justify what we do: a. The past is intrinsically important and we need to find out about it for its own sake; b. We need to know where we came from in order to know where we’re going. Knowledge of the past leads to better judgment about the future; c. Only archaeology has the time depth of many thousands of years needed to generate cross cultural generalizations about long-term cultural processes; d. Archaeology is one medium of cultural revolution that will emancipate ordinary people from repressive ideologies. 2. We need to evaluate one interpretation of the past against another, to decide which is stronger: Use common sense. 3. We must be explicit in what we do as archaeologists: Wemust be as open as possible about our reasons, approaches and biases, and not try to conceal them or pretend they don’t exist. 4. We don’t “need” theory, we all use theory whether we like it or not: We are all theorists because we all use theories, concepts, assumptions, and ideas in our work. 2. What does Johnson say about theoretical jargon? Do you agree? Explain. Jargon is “in the eye of the beholder,” as they may seem jargon to people in one
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Study Questions - Johnson Chs 1-3 - Marisa Meisner Spring...

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