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ADV 318J Chapter 12 notes - Chapter 12-Copywriting eg398...

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Chapter 12-Copywriting eg398 Ex. 12.2 this Rolling Stone ad excels by focusing on the ____ without an ____ -illustration. -While most effective ads use multiple copy components – headline, subhead, body copy, visual – some ads excel by focusing on a single component. √ 400 Global Issues box -- Am. mgt. philosophy KISS has relevance for global adv.; 4 lifestyle products that translate well across cultures; 4 constants of successful global advertising (SCHC) -soft drinks, jeans, candy, sneakers* - Simplicity, Clarity, Humor, Clever SCHC* -campaigns that work best on global level are those whose brand and imagery are one and the same -innovative demonstrations or images where pictures tell the story are the foundation of effective global advertising -reducing a brand and its message to the simplest and most common human values has a great chance of succeeding. 400-4 copywriting and the creative plan -- para. 1, 3, and 4 in this section Copywriting: the process of expressing the value and benefits a brand has to offer, via written or verbal descriptions -an astute advertiser will go to great lengths to provide copywriters with as much information as possible about the objectives for a particular adv. Effort -Effective copywriters are will-informed, astute advertising decision makers with creative talent. Copy should not interfere with, but rather enhance the visual aspects of the message. 403 creative plan (a.k.a. (also known as) a statement of creative strategy in class Creative Plan-a guideline used during the copywriting process to specify the message elements that must be coordinated during the preparation of copy. These elements include main product claims, creative devices,
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ADV 318J Chapter 12 notes - Chapter 12-Copywriting eg398...

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