ADV 318J Chapter 4 notes

ADV 318J Chapter 4 notes - Chapter 4 notes 113 permission...

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Chapter 4 notes 113 permission marketing; 2004 do-not-call list: Devised by FTC, expected to include 60 million americans √ 114 para. at top of page, regarding Social Aspects of Adv. section -- be forewarned: these are matters of opinion with no clear right or wrong answers. (Therefore, critical thinking is required given biased info sources.) You must draw own conclusions, analytical, thoughtful √ 114-16 adv. educates consumers -- gist of pro/con Pro :advertising informs-making informed purchase decisions regarding benefits, features,functions,value of products.consumers can be more aware of own tendencies toward being persuaded.argument”advertising is clearly a powerful instrument for the elimination of ignorance” better educated consumers enhance lifestyles and economic power.Ads reduce product search time.Another aspect informing public about social issues. Con : adv is superficial and intrusive-does not provide good product info carries little to any product info.Ads are rhetorical,biased,limited,inherently deceptive.critics think ads should focus on function.advertisers stress more brand benefits than functional such as emotional, hedonic(pleasure seeking), aesthetic benefits 115-6 survey percentage of consumers angry or furious over spam and pop-up ads; commerce-content crossover issue -95 % furious with popup ads -commerce/content:
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ADV 318J Chapter 4 notes - Chapter 4 notes 113 permission...

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