ADV 318J Chapter 5 Notes

ADV 318J Chapter 5 Notes - Chapter 5 notes eg 164-5 P&G s...

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eg 164-5 P&G s Joy in Japan -- what is the #1 lesson of Joy s experience? -success traced to understanding consumers, creating products that address their needs, and executing ad campaigns that persuade customers that their product is what they are looking for -kao did not have understanding of Japanese consumer needs 165 two perspectives on consumer behavior and why? Consumer behavior : the entire broad spectrum of things that effect, derive from, or form the context of human consumption 1 st perspective: portrays consumers as reasonably systematic decision makers who seek to maximize the benefits they derive from their purchase 2 nd perspective: views consumers as active interpreters(meaning makers) of advertising, whose membership in various cultures, societies, and communities significantly affects their interpretation and response to advertising -the perspectives are different ways of looking at the exact same people and the exact same behaviors -both perspectives offer something valuable to advertising 166-71 four basic decision-making stages + gist of what happens at each stage -Perspective 1:the consumer as decision maker Stages 1.Need Recognition -starts when people perceive a need.need state:when ones desired state of affairs differs from ones actual state of affairs. -maslows hearachy of needs suggests less fortunate more concerned with fundamental needs, while wealthy are more focused on seeking recognition and validation 2.Information search and alternative evaluation -need recognition sets in motion an information search Internal search-drawing on personal experiences and prior knowledge.when consumer has experience with products in question, attitudes about alternatives may already be established, taps into memory as a result of repeated advertising exposures. Affecting peoples belief about a brand before they use it is a critical function of advertising such as with delayed response advertising External Search-happens when internal search does not turn up enough info. Involves visiting stores to examine, family/friends,in publications like consumer report.when in this mode, consumers may be receptive to detailed advertisements. Alternative Evaluation-as the consumer is searching, they are simultaneously forming attitudes about possible alternatives. AE will be structured by consumers Consideration Set-the subset of brands that becomes the focal point of the consumers evaluation. critical function of adv is to make consumers aware of the brand so it will become part of their consideration set when need arises, all ads do this. Evaluative Criteria -the product attributes or performance characteristics brands have in common are evaluative criteria, which can include price, texture, warranty terms, color, scent, or carb content.ex on time arrivals criterion for airlines. 3.Purchase
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ADV 318J Chapter 5 Notes - Chapter 5 notes eg 164-5 P&G s...

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