ADV 318J Chapter 6 Notes

ADV 318J Chapter 6 Notes - 214 target segment; positioning;...

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√ 214 target segment; positioning; positioning strategy, STP marketing -target segment-the subgroup (of the larger market) chosen as the focal point for the marketing program and advertising campaign. ex. 15-24 year old women -Positioning-the process of designing and representing one’s product or service so that it will occupy a distinct and valued place in the target consumers mind -Positioning Strategy-involves the selection of key themes or concepts that the organization will feature when communicating this distinctiveness to the target segment -STP marketing:Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning.recommended for markets with any significant degree of diversity.strongly recommended for markets characterized by diversity in consumers needs and preferences. √ 214 Ex. 6.4 -- STP marketing process. this is critical for all that follows in later chapers Segmenting-Breaking down diverse markets into manageable segments. gillete’s market analyzed via demographic segmentation Targeting-Choosing specific segments as the focal point for marketing efforts. females 15-24 worldwide Positioning-Aligning the marketing mix to yield distinctive appeal for the target segment. . a new product line designed for women by women “gillete for women. Are you ready?” eg 215 Ex. 6.5 and 6.6 -- what do the two ads from the same issue of Seventeen illustrate? -the advertisers were trying to reach out to very different segments of adolescent females, proves that many considerations play a role in identifying and describing customer segments 216 beyond STP -- what are two options to maintain vitality? 1.Reassesment of the segmentation strategy.may come through a more detailed examination of the current target segment to develop better ways of meeting needs, or may be necessary to identify new tarkets and position new products to them. 2.Pursue product differentiation strategy.ex. Schtick quatrro 4 differentation from Mach3.role for S’s advertising is convicing that a 4 th blade is essential. 216 market segmentation (from large, heterogeneous to more manageable, homogeneous markets segments) MS: breaking down large, heterogeneous markets into more manageable submarkets or customer segments. -for it to be useful, advertisers must be able to reach segment with info about the product √ 217-24 five broad segmentation criteria: usage; demographics; geographic; psychographic; and, benefit (read sections lightly, no detailed q.s) -usage-4 segment types:nonusers, brand loyal users, switchers, emergent consumers -Demographics: age, gender, race, maritial status, income, education, occupation.if advertisers know demographics of target segment,
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ADV 318J Chapter 6 Notes - 214 target segment; positioning;...

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