ADV 318J Chapter 8 Notes

ADV 318J Chapter 8 Notes - 276-80gist of iMac IBP...

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Unformatted text preview: 276-80gist of iMac IBP story-Introducing iMac with 100$ million dollar campaign was key to reviving apple. A taste in the complexity that goes into executing a adv and IBP effort. Large endeavors call for a plan.277Ex. 8.1 -- which markets were targeted using this outdoor ad?-top 10 metro markets in US278-9Ex. 8.2-8.4 great ads across media (print and the web)-mac ads print and web 280Ex. 8.5 -- the advertising plan; the ad plan is a written document, an extension of mktg planAdvertising Plan-specifies the thinking, tasks, and timetable needed to conceive and implement an effective advertising effort.Components: Introduction, Situation Analysis,Objectives, Budgeting, Strategy, Execution, Evaluation281the executive summaryis the most important component of the plan, the takeaway-two paragraphs to two pages, is offered to state the most important aspects of the plan. The takeaway is what reader should remember from the plan, is the essence. 281Creativity box -- CPBknown for delivering results without costly TV ads, remember onlyone of the 10 rules: surprise = buzz = exposure(free), the Mini on the roof of an SUV e.g.281-4know gist of four components of sit. analysis: h. context, industry, mkt., competitive analysisHistorical Context-all new decisions are situated in firms history. Agency should know about the industry, brand, corporate culture, critical moments, success and mistakesIndustry Analysis-focuses on developments within an entire industry...
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ADV 318J Chapter 8 Notes - 276-80gist of iMac IBP...

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