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December 4, 2007 Expos 101 EM HH05 The Importance of Traditions Essential Question: How important are traditions? Tradition is defined as: “A long-established custom or belief passed down through generations”. There are many forms of tradition. Lila Abu-Lughod explains Bedouin custom and traditions in “Honor and Shame”. Tradition is also evident in Susan Faludi’s “The Naked Citadel” as well as Beth Loffreda’s “Selections from Losing Matt Shepard”. Finally, tradition is present in various cultures such as that of the Hindu society. Traditions are important and should be kept unless the demands of it are too unreasonable or unfair. The importance of tradition is apparent in many cultures such as that of the Bedouin society of Egypt. In “Honor and Shame”, Lila Abu-Lughod writes about the experiences of Kamla, a Bedouin girl. Kamla lives a life of piety. Her culture stresses respect and modesty and that is what she follows. The piety, respect, and modesty are all traditions of the Bedouin that are important. It is important to keep tradition because that is what makes one’s culture different from others, and helps to give one a sense of identity. Therefore it is important to hold onto tradition because without it, one would lose his or her own culture and identity. However, some traditions are unreasonable or unfair to a certain group of people. These traditions should be changed or removed. Some of these traditions are manifest in the Citadel, a South Carolina military academy. Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Susan 1
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Faludi reveals what she discovers in the “Naked Citadel”. The Citadel has a tradition of being a men only school meaning no women are allowed to enroll. This tradition is unfair because it discriminates against women and is consequently challenged by Shannon Faulkner. Faulkner gains admission into the school by not including her gender on the application. When the administrators discover their error, they retract her admittance. Faulkner takes the issue to court to win her right to go to the Citadel. The school puts up a fight and makes arguments on why Faulkner should not be allowed to enter the school: “Among the reasons most frequently heard for repelling Faulkner at the gate is this: ‘She would be destroying a long and proud tradition” (Faludi 137). Considering the fact that
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Honor and Shamel - December 4, 2007 Expos 101 EM HH05 The...

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