Matrix and Receptivity

Matrix and Receptivity - October 16, 2007 Expos 101 EM HH05...

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October 16, 2007 Expos 101 EM HH05 Matrix and Receptivity: Connections and Disconnections There are many various ways that one can connect or disconnect from things around them. One can connect to people, sensations, or forces in nature. The purpose of connecting with others is because it helps one learn about him or herself and also helps the individual with his or her life. It is important to ask the question of why we must connect to others because it gives one something to ponder and reflect on. Connections give one something to live for, without it, one has nothing. David Abram is magician and philosopher aspiring to learn from the indigenous medicine people he meets in various countries of Asia. He describes in his essay “The Ecology of Magic” his connections and disconnections with nature. He is able to connect to nature when he takes shelter in a cave in Bali during a downpour. I sat stunned and mesmerized before this ever- complexifying expanse of living patterns upon patterns, my gaze drawn like a breath into one converging group of lines, then breathed out into open space, then drawn down into another convergence. The curtain of water had become utterly silent- I tried at one point to hear it, but could not. My senses were entranced. I had the distinct impression that I was watching the universe being born, galaxy upon galaxy… (Abram 14) Eventually, Abram loses his connection with nature: 1
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Yet, very gradually, I began to lose me sense of the animal’s own awareness. The gulls’ technique for breaking open the clams began to appear as a largely automatic behavior, and I could not easily feel the attention that they must bring to each new shell. Perhaps each shell was entirely the same as the last, and no spontaneous attention was really necessary… (Abram 19) Abram also describes how he saw in a village at Bali how every morning the habitants gave an offering of rice “to the spirits”. Upon further observation Abram saw that the rice
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Matrix and Receptivity - October 16, 2007 Expos 101 EM HH05...

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