January 10 - I The ethics of identity part 1 a Vales that...

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I) The ethics of identity, part 1 a. Vales that are associated with ethics are in constant discussion and debated. b. Pre- culture i. Basic and existence ii. Identity 1. Culturally influenced and reflected as well as contested c. The U.S. and “difference” i. U.S. as “almost” a creation if immigrants 1. 2,200 difference languages came into the U.S. ii. The traditional view of the “melting pot” 1. “Out of many, one” but the differences remain and are necessary to retain a sense of identity. a. i.e. American, man, age, color etc. iii. 1960s and ‘70s: the pot doesn’t melt 1. Movement for Civil rights (African Americans), Women, Native Americans, Chicano/as, and the counter-culture 2. … but mix iv. 1990s and beyond 1. America as pluralist society composed of separate cultures 2. America as common society composed of significant cultural differences? 3. Interesting statistics a. 75% of American blacks have non-black ancestors b. 22% of America whites have non-white c. 12% of American black marry out d. 51 – 55% of Asian Americas, at least between the age of 25 and 34 marry out d. The dilemma of multiculturalism i. Balancing the centrifugal (away from center) pressures for cultural diversity against the centripetal (pulling towards center) pressures for shared/ sharable identity ii. Does an appreciation for cultural differences undercut notions of solidarity (national, regional, global)? iii. Is commitment to pluralism inconsistent with commitment to cosmopolitanism? e. Conservatism vs. liberalism i. Preference for established, not untried ii. Importance of law, order, continuity, tradition, imperfections of human nature and wariness of innovation, variety, hopefulness, utopianism iii. Belief that individuals shaped by traditions not tradition by individuals 1. Grandparents are destiny, not departures (for liberals) you can become your past or you can break away from your ancestors
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January 10 - I The ethics of identity part 1 a Vales that...

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