January 15 - January 15, 2008 First short paper is due on...

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January 15, 2008 First short paper is due on the 22 nd - One page of summary of the argument and cementation of one of the essays or chapters assigned so far - What is it proposing/ claiming I) NY times a. The most dangerous country today is Pakistan i. Nuclear weapons ii. Unpopular military regime iii. They do assassinations iv. Boarders Afghanistan, Taliban v. The country is controlled under the secret service; Mujaraf 1. We have pored money into the country to ensure the country acts in accordance with our plans and values 2. What’s culture got to do with it? II) Culture and the government in Pakistan a. Their radical religious agendas threaten our security b. “Good Muslim, Bad Muslim” i. Repackaging geographical entities ii. At least since 9/11 focuses chiefly on Muslims which he finds deeply inaccurate and unbeneficial 1. “Culture talk” are these forms of speech accurate or inaccurate? III) The Nature of Culture talk a. Politicizing culture into geo-packages b. Culture has tangible essence; politics is consequence of that essence c. Post 9/11 culture talk focuses on Muslims d. Two narratives of culture talk i. Pre-moderns (Africa) incapable of modernity ii. Pre-moderns (Middle East) resistant to modernity e. Bernard Lewis i. Clashes within and of civilizations ii. Good Muslims (Antifundamentalists) vs. Bad (Fundamentalists) iii. West should remain bystanders and should let them fight it out iv. We need to de-territorialize our sense of Islam 1. Mamdani: de-politicize culture f. Samuel P. Huntington i. Culture and cultural identities are not broadest level civilizational in scope
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January 15 - January 15, 2008 First short paper is due on...

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