January 22 - January 22, 2008 I) MP3 institutional...

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January 22, 2008 I) MP3 institutional architecture a. Ameritocracy is a game in which fewer and fewer people win and inequality increases and the culture is taking a disturbing turn for personal prosperity and autonomy b. They don’t believe in where the social capitalism values are going and loyalty and reliability is becoming ever more deficient i. See my “the culture of the new capitalism” summary for the rest of this c. Authority and control i. Authority elicits voluntary not coerced obedience ii. Social capital defines by low institutional loyalty, loss of informal trust (on whom you can rely) among workers, weakening of institutional knowledge (adaptive knowledge) iii. Understanding oneself 1. Importance of moral prestige of work stability 2. Collapse of Protestant ethic a. End of deferring gratification b. End of long-term strategic planning c. Tactic is everything, the consultant rules d. If religions are capable of understanding the developing culture where will that get us? d. The specter of uselessness i. Educational system produces large numbers of unemployable people in the domains for which they were trained
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January 22 - January 22, 2008 I) MP3 institutional...

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