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Grading scheme - description of function description of...

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Common Word Usage CS352 Project 2, Winter 2007 Grading Scheme Name___________________________ Deliverable MaxPts YourPts Title page & Introduction 2 Algorithms and Program Design and implementation of efficient algorithm to find the height distribution (must be Θ ( n ) for full points) Design and implementation of efficient algorithm & data structure for finding 200 most common words of each author ( T(n) = ω ( n log n ) for full points) if T ( n ) = Θ ( n 2 ), then the maximum points is 10 Correctly converts word frequencies to rankings Correctly computes the average rank for 200 of today’s common words Correctly computes the average rank for 200 common words for each author Program has required class structure (separation of main from parser class and other ADT classes, template classes for collection ADTs) 45 10 15 5 5 5 5 Documentation Program is properly documented both internally and externally Required comment block present on every file Algorithms for major parts of program, including parser Good Style/Readability
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Unformatted text preview: description of function, description of variables, description of while-loops, indentation, etc 15 Written Report Discusses choice of algorithms and data structures Includes drawing of class structure and design Discussion of results Satisfactory conclusion on comparison of 1000 word rankings Satisfactory conclusion on average rankings of 200 common words Satisfactory conclusion on the comparison counts and CPU times Machine used Steps to ensure correctness and testing Overall presentation of report Sections clearly marked, outlay, no typo’s,…) All output organized and structured for easy reading 35 5 5 10 5 10 Appendix A, B, and C Parser class submitted on Mar. 11 3 Late Policy (-10% late for each 24 hours) Extra Credit (5% for sub-classing binary search tree class) Maximum 25 points for programs that fail to compile Electronically submitted the .h files, .cpp files, solution files? Programs are checked for plagiarism...
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