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MIN-MAX HEAP CS352 Project 3, Winter 2007 This project must have a title page; Appendices all present Deliverable Max Pts Your Pts Correctness of Required Programming Features MinMax template class correctly defined (15 pts) (If no template class used, and code is correct, 6 pts max. Without the template, we can’t test both strings and integers) All required functions in specification are present percDownMinMaxHeap is private method of the class First 10 and last 10 elements are correct and printed Number of comparisons is totaled and is correct Running times are computed Run against all data files provided without modification by grader
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Unformatted text preview: Style/Readability: documentation, headers, description of functions, description of variables, description of while-loops, indentation, etc. 80 15 20 10 10 10 15 Special Innovations (extra credit possible for up to 10 points) Written Report Algorithm complexity discussed Presentation of results 20 10 10 Late Policy: NO LATE PROGRAMS WILL BE ACCEPTED Early Submission bonus (24 hrs before due date/time) 5 A project that has a program that fails to compile can earn at most 25%. If public sources are not documented, the project may receive a grade of 0....
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