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Others First - Kiki Caldeira"Just as the body can be trained for virtuoso skills in the pool or on the uneven bars so our senses can be trained

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Kiki Caldeira 2/19/08 “Just as the body can be trained for virtuoso skills in the pool or on the uneven bars, so our senses can be trained, immensely benefiting ourselves and those around us.” (pg. 141) I find this a very interesting idea, that you can train your mind as an athlete would train their body into perfection. I’m curious to know what one with such a “perfect” mind is capable of, and whether their brain works more efficiently than, well, basically everyone else. I’m sure this takes decades to perfect though. But when do you truly know you’ve perfected it? “By now it will be clear that training the senses means training the mind as well.” (pg. 162) I don’t believe that your senses can be trained along with your mind. Yes, it will affect your brain, but training your senses takes a very different approach than training your mind. But I could be wrong, because I have never trained my senses, so I don’t know if it would train my mind as well. “We want everyone to behave as we thing they should- the
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