Population and Consumption

Population and Consumption - Geography 2412 Fall 2007...

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Geography 2412 Fall 2007 Name:___________Kiki Calderia____________________________ Date:____9/22/07____________________________________ TA ___Julie Shapiro________________ Section # (or date/time of section meeting)____9/24/07___________ Assignment 2: Population and Consumption/ Drivers of Environmental Change Note: Remember that these assignments should be TYPED (not hand-written)! Reminder: In total the written assignments are worth 30% of your grade, which means that each written assignment is worth 5% of your total grade for the semester. For purposes of grading, we mark these assignments out of a maximum of 10 points. 1. Write a reaction (4-5 sentences) to the film, Affluenza. Did you find it compelling? Why or why not? If not, which parts were particularly problematic? If so, which parts were particularly persuasive? (2 pts) The film Afluenza was not very compelling, to me at least. I found the message redundant and biased, and the viewpoints left little room for other opinion. Almost like a propaganda film that would be shown to children. It seemed that the message of the film was: do not buy consumer goods because it is a waste of time, money, and resources. This may be true, but the way they presented it, it made it seem like it was a sickness that is incurable, and those infected should be ashamed of themselves. 2. This question has several components; you will need to do the recitation readings from your textbook to answer them. Recall that “total fertility rate” is defined (p.131) as the average number of children born per female member of a population during her lifetime. Your answers to each part of this question should be 1
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about 2-3 sentences in length. A.
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Population and Consumption - Geography 2412 Fall 2007...

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