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Ecological Footprint - Geography 2412 Fall 2007 Name_Kiki...

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Geography 2412 Fall 2007 Name:_Kiki Caldeira_________________________________ Date:_9/16/07_______________________________________ TA:_Julie Shapiro____________________________________ Assignment 1: My Ecological Footprint These assignments are graded out of 10 points. Review the very short section on the ecological footprint on p. 6-7 of Essential Environment Each of us relies on natural resources and production systems that transform nature into consumer products, and create waste and pollution. One concept that has evolved to assess this impact is called the "ecological footprint": the volume of land and resources appropriated to support a person, a population, a city, country, etc. Part 1 (1.5 pts) x (1) Go to page 22 of Essential Environment, “Calculating Ecological Footprints”. Fill in the following values for the table. Ecological Proportion relative Proportion relative Footprint to world average to world land available (acres/person) Bangladesh 1.2 __0.17___ __0.24__ Columbia 4.9 __0.71___ 1.0 Mexico 6.4 ___0.93___ _1.3___ Sweden 14.6 __2.1___ _3.0___ Thailand 6.9 __1.0___ __1.4__ United States 25.4 __3,7___ __5.2__ World avg 6.9 1.0 1.4 1
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PART II To get a feel for the way that individual and collective consumption affect land and resources, this assignment asks you to calculate various ecological footprints. Go to: and answer the questions below based on your own experience/consumption patterns. If you prefer another footprint calculator, you can use it. However, give us its web address and be sure to specify the units it uses to express your footprint. (1) (.5 pts)
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Ecological Footprint - Geography 2412 Fall 2007 Name_Kiki...

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