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We Are What We Eat rough

We Are What We Eat rough - Kiki Caldeira Food Choices Essay...

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Kiki Caldeira Food Choices Essay 2/24/08 We Are What We Eat As mothers across America used to say, you are what you eat, and that was supposed to make you want to eat your vegetables and keep away from candy and other such plaque creating treats. This is true, you are what you eat, and looking carefully at what you do eat is as important as eating your vegetables. People used to think that the food pyramid was always the voice of reason, telling people what to eat and how much of it we should be eating every day. But in fact, the food pyramid doesn’t take into account individual people and their eating habits. For example, what the food pyramid doesn’t tell us is how an excess of one food group can destroy your body, and causes unimaginable pain to the animals that you eat. This is the story of the meat industry, my favorite of them all. I love meat, everything about it really. Buying it at the store, cooking it on the grill, and of course, eating it for dinner. I noticed a real change in the meat I was eating when my mom started shopping at Whole Foods. The meat from Whole Foods was better tasting, but what my mom didn’t know she did was open the window to the organic food world for me. Ever since I have been pestering my mom to shop at Whole Foods more. Not because it’s organic, but just because it tastes better than the food at Safeway (perhaps a byproduct of it being organic). We shopped there all through my high school years, and now, even on the limited budget of a student, I still find time (and money) to go to whole foods every two weeks or so. Even though it is a bit pricey, the groceries I get from Whole Foods are 1
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so much tastier and healthier than the food served to us at the dorms, I think it’s definitely worth the car ride down to the 28 th shopping area. But there are problems with eating meat, the main one being eating too much. It’s easy to think that now a double cheeseburger won’t affect your body that much, so you eat one every day. But those unburned calories pile up to create one of the worst epidemics in the United States, the obesity epidemic. One way to understand at the rising obesity epidemic in America is by looking the citizens themselves. According to the 2006 census, the income deficit for families in poverty was $8, 302 (US Government Census). This accounts for 12.3% of the United States population. This is not a lot of money if you are trying to pay taxes, your house and car deposits off, and provide for your family. Often times
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