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1. According to Kolker, "the zoom functions as an offering of perspective and detail, of coaxing, leading but never totally or comfortably situating the viewer, or closing off the space that is being examined," that is in McCabe and Mrs. Miller, zoom is used to show contrast between characters. It may be discrete and unfocused but the zoom function allows the viewer reaction and thought. Such as the harsh contrast between McCabe and the minister. You can see a stark difference between the warm and fun atmosphere of the poker game and the cold town outside. Zooming in on characters with a certain facial expression will then evoke emotion within the viewer which adds personal connection between the viewer and the film. 2. Romantic individualism is expressed through McCabe and Mrs. Miller. While is seems as though they want to show the same feelings towards each other, they both do it in different ways. McCabe expresses
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Unformatted text preview: his emotion and feelings by talking to himself as if Mrs. Miller was there in person. He cannot tell her in person though because of the way that Mrs. Miller shows her 'love', through her money. They can be 'romantic' and connect physically, while mentally they are individuals who cannot connect. This is how Altman allows for romance but on an individual level. 3. After reading both the discussion and the review, I noticed how similar they were. From beginning to end, both passages are close to the same. My reaction to the similarities was that perhaps this is how critics work. They all watch movies in the same way and therefore pick up on the same material that they want to use in their reviews. They are both accurate and each still provides their own insight....
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