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1. The first important event that occurred in the unraveling of the Watergate scandal was when the 747 crashed which led to the discovery of hush money which was to be delivered to the robber. When the hush money was discovered, the public began to think that there was the possibility of foul play and that the $10,000 could possibly be the evidence they needed to prove a cover-up. The next important event was when the robbers requested money from Dean. This request now involved Dean directly and put him in the middle of all of the corruption. As the public became more suspicious, Dean could not hold out any longer and soon gave up Nixon. The third important event occurred when Nixon admitted his guilt. It showed America that nothing could be seen as sacred and that no man, especially the President of the United States, is above the law. – This event can be seen in many films
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Unformatted text preview: today and the idea that, essentially, people who seem to have good standing within the American community may not be who people think they are. 2. Blaxplotation refers to when black audiences are exploited by the film industry. When the film industry almost collapsed in the 1960’s, there was a need to increase profits. This is when they turned opened their eye to the black audiences and began making low budget films for the black audiences. Not all films featuring black protagonists in the seventies belong to this category, however. Movies such as Sweet Sweetback’s Badass Song and Shaft were both brought awareness of the black audiences to the film industry. These two movies provided low budget films that black audiences loved. The Spook Who Sat by the Door , on the other hand, was less about profit making and more about being an inspiration to African Americans....
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