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GE80A Human Aging CH. 7,12 [F+F] Review

GE80A Human Aging CH. 7,12 [F+F] Review - Mental Health...

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Mental Health Chapter 7 Mental health – ability to engage in productive activities and fulfilling relationships and to cope successfully with change and adversity. Prof. Jahoda suggests 6 criteria for positive mental health: positive self attitude, growth and self actualization, integration of the personality, autonomy, reality perception, and mastery of one’s environment. Rowe and Kahn’s model of successful aging – 3 necessary conditions for the older person to age successfully: avoidance of disease and disability, high cognitive and physical functional capability, and active engagement with life, including maintaining interpersonal relationships and sustaining productive activity. Acceptance is a critical developmental task of old age. Elders have declined intelligence but high levels of performance. Cognitive losses are accelerated in the ill, depressed, those who do not receive stimulation from their environment. Reasons for decline – atherosclerosis and decreased circulation to the brain, death of neurons, or cerebral atrophy from disuse. Episodic memory, ability to remember specific ongoing events, is most affected by aging process. More decline in processing new info. Memory lapse id usually due to anxiety, lack of sleep, and drug side effects. Reminiscing memory, ability to recall events in the personal past, is least affected by aging. Personality is a collection of individual traits qualitites and attributes that are consistent over time. Remains stable over time. Movement toward mellowing androgeny. Develop more mature coping skills. Transitions in elders are characterized by loss: Physical, psychological, social, economic,
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  • Fall '07
  • Major depressive disorder, Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Psychotic depression, positive mental health, Mental Health chapter

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GE80A Human Aging CH. 7,12 [F+F] Review - Mental Health...

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