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EngComp 3 Paper Two - Revised Draft Paper Two Monique Maria...

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Revised Draft Paper Two Monique Maria Schmidt grew up on a sheep farm in a Mennonite community in South Dakota. After college, she became a Peace Corps Volunteer and got stationed as an English teacher in the small village of Glazoue in Benin, West Africa. Last Moon Dancing is a detailed and often embellished account of her experiences as a teacher in a small village, where she experiences tremendous culture shock and how she changes as a person in the process. Throughout her adventures in Benin, Monique has numerous personas that clearly reflect the culture shock she experiences and the subsequent change that occurs in her personality. Through her persona as a teacher she initially is shocked at how difficult it is for her to control her class and to define her place in society as a woman. However, by the end of her expeditions she transforms and gains greater confidence in herself and her daily life. Through her persona as a daughter to Big Mama Monique is initially surprised at Big Mama’s personality and her caring attitude however, by the end she evidently goes through a life changing transformation where she grows emotionally attached to Big Mama. Furthermore, in her persona as a writer, Monique starts out as being quite arrogant and self-centered, however, as her transformation takes place her writing changes accordingly as she becomes more realistic and considerate. Her often impolite attitude and endless humor coupled with tons of poetry, prose, and amusing letters supplement the book and make for a very interesting read. The culture shock Monique experiences causes her personality to change dramatically from an arrogant foreigner to a motivated social worker.
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To begin with, probably Monique’s most important persona is that of a teacher. On her first day in Glazoue she dons the persona of an experienced teacher and pretends
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EngComp 3 Paper Two - Revised Draft Paper Two Monique Maria...

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