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EngComp 3 Fieldnotes 1 - Fieldnotes African Mens Collective...

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Fieldnotes: African Men’s Collective As we walk in, we see a small room with several colorful chairs arranged in a circle and a small table in the front of the room where the equipment for the meeting is being set up. A few members of the club are present and they stare at us as we walk in, apparently due to the fact that we are new to the club and they do not recognize us. We set the items we are carrying by the wall and grab a seat. Richard, the club director arranges the equipment which consists of a black Dell laptop and small speaker, a small white projector, and accompanying wires and cables. He is helped by other members of the club in setting up the equipment and they put on music that is clearly from the genre of Rap and Hip-Hop. He subsequently proceeds to arrange the 20+ chairs in a more orderly fashion as more and more members continue to walk in to the room. There are refreshments placed on another table at the back of the room. However, they are unopened which means they will most likely be distributed some time later. The director tells us that the room is getting awfully quiet and advices us to mingle with each other. When none of the members pay attention to his remark, he proceeds to tell us that he is implementing a new rule where we are not allowed to sit till the meeting starts and that we have to converse with each other in the meantime. Thus some of the members begin to talk to each other and my group and I introduce ourselves to some of the other members. By now the room is getting filled up with more people as the rest of the members walk in. The members are mostly of African American descent while a few members also appear to be of Hispanic nationality. Richard as well as a member by the name of Christina appear to be mulattos. I am of Indian origin and two of my partners are Asians.
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By now about 24 members have filled up the room Richard finally starts the meeting by greeting all of the members and informing us that today’s discussion is about the “Image of Contemporary Black Intellectuals” To start the discussion, he puts on a video of the cartoon Boondocks and informs us that the particular video has not been aired on T.V. yet. The clip is on the website www.youtube.com and is a spoof of the movie The Exorcist . My partner Harry turns the lights off as the clip starts rolling. It features a character that gets possessed by the devil and a priest that attempts to cure him. The priest does this by subjecting the possessed individual to things that he says a black man is supposed to fear: a whip, a noose, a nightstick, a branding iron, and a job application. The clip is supposed to be humorous but at the same time brings forth stereotypes present
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EngComp 3 Fieldnotes 1 - Fieldnotes African Mens Collective...

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