EngComp 3 Fieldnotes 2

EngComp 3 Fieldnotes 2 - Fieldnotes: Elaine Brown Speech As...

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Unformatted text preview: Fieldnotes: Elaine Brown Speech As I walk into Haines 39 I observe a large auditorium packed with a multitude of people. The majority of the people are African American however, I can clearly see several people of different races. I can see everyone from students to older adults sitting in the audience. It takes me a while to find an empty seat but once I do I grab it quickly as to not lose it. I set my stuff down and realize that the staff of the club is introducing itself to the audience. The president of the club steps up to the podium and states that there is a three word phrase that defines the club and its ultimate purpose. The phrase is: Learn, Unite, Fight. This motto describes how the African American community should come together and bring about positive change to improve life and conditions in the community. She states that we should unite around things that will bring us together. She also mentions that we cannot possibly dream of moving forward until we educate ourselves. We should make the most out of the opportunities provided to us by organizing ourselves. As her speech ends, she introduces the next speaker who is going to recite something he wrote. A young man wearing a yellow striped polo shirt steps up and grabs the microphone out of her hand and introduces himself as Reymundo. He says that he will be reciting a poem called Square One. As he recites the poem he makes many hand gestures to enhance his message. The poem discusses how he tries to move on past tragedies in his life and community but always seems to land back on square one. Nonetheless, he does not give up hope and is determined to help bring about positive change. The poem consists of several curse words and other inappropriate language and many of the audience members are surprised that he curses without hesitation. Once the poem ends, he receives a round of applause and hands the microphone back over to the...
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EngComp 3 Fieldnotes 2 - Fieldnotes: Elaine Brown Speech As...

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