EngComp 3 Paper One

EngComp 3 Paper One - Diversity in Discourse Communities...

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Diversity in Discourse Communities Discourse communities are vital aspects of our lives as they define who we are. Most importantly, however, they showcase the diversity that exists in our society. A discourse community, as defined by Klooster and Bloem (1995), is “a group of people engaged in a common purpose who have developed an identifiable set of language conventions for their conversations with one another” (38). Two discourse communities that I have been a part of are: my job as a tutor at an S.A.T. preparation institute and a basketball league. These two communities are very different in their discourse conventions of subject matter and language and style and that is primarily due to their varied methods of conduct and diverse goals. To begin with, the difference between these two discourse communities is apparent in their subject matter because one deals with academics while the other deals with a sport. For my job as a tutor, the ultimate goal of every tutoring session is for me to answer any questions my tutees might have about a particular subject. The subject matter concerned with this job varies depending on what subject I am tutoring. The subjects are usually from the fields of Mathematics and the Sciences. Sometimes the members could be solving trigonometric identities while at other times they could be balancing equations in chemistry. No matter what subject is at hand, there is always a sense of doubt on the part of the tutees followed by fulfilling assurance. On the other hand, my basketball league is a completely different discipline and the goal of this league is to get along with other teammates and play games in a tournament for medals and prizes, having a good
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EngComp 3 Paper One - Diversity in Discourse Communities...

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