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Psych 101 Article #2 “The Truth of Photographic Memory” describes what the author considers “the myth of photographic memory.” According to Alan Searleman, there is no such thing as photographic memory, rather there are some who can describe an image very well initially, but the ability fades after a few minutes. It is the errors that occur after those initial few minutes that prove that photographic memory does not exist. The idea of “eidetikers” discussed in the article is very similar to flashbulb memory, described in the text. Often we are able to remember certain events very well because they seem very important to us. Eidetikers are able to remember certain scenes very well for a limited amount of time, but like flashbulb memories they are prone to some error. I believe there are some who are very capable of remembering details from an event, but personal perspective and feelings tend to skew all results. One may perceive an object differently depending on their own views. Also, in stressful situations, for example on 9/11, many
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