Effect of English Society on Colonization

Effect of English Society on Colonization - HIST-143 The...

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HIST-143 The Effect of English Society on Colonization: The Spanish sailed into the New World and demanded servitude from the indigenous people with force; the French performed an elaborate ceremony and created an alliance with the natives of the strange new land. The Portuguese and the Dutch had a limited presence in the Americas, each creating a centralized colony based mainly in trade. The English took their own view on colonization; they intended to take advantage of the abundant and fertile land, use its many natural resources, and further develop their system of mercantilism through the expansion of colonies. Of all the countries colonizing the New World, England took the most interest in the actual land, a reflection on English society during that time. English culture of the 1600s influenced the colonization of the Americas; Jamestown not only exhibits the way the English established ownership, but it also shows how their unreal expectations of colonization were influenced by English attitude towards work. The English saw the New World as a place where they could succeed with little effort. They saw the victories of the Spanish and believed that could emulate their success. In his essay, “The Labor Problem at Jamestown, 1607-1618,” Edmund Morgan describes how the English interested in exploring America “had begun translating Spanish histories and memoirs in an effort to rouse their countrymen” (35). The Virginia Company was a joint-stock company that saw the abundance described in America as a worthwhile venture. After landing on the American coast, the Virginia Company settled
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Effect of English Society on Colonization - HIST-143 The...

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