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In “Civilizing The Machine,” Jason F. Kasson describes the founding of the factory town of Lowell. He questions the mindset of the founders and whether the industrial development went along with the republican ideal it advertised. The Boston associates, a group to which Francis Lowell was involved, wanted to avoid creating an industrial situation similar to the English. Places like Manchester, England were the epitome of what Americans did not want to see in their new country. As they wished to avoid an image of aristocracy, the Boston associates strove to separate themselves from the view that an industrial town leads to an oppressed and ignorant working class; rather, they wanted to be known for advanced technology and productivity in a republican atmosphere of moral uprightness. To do this, they created towns like Lowell, in rural areas, using water for a power source.
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Unformatted text preview: Within Lowell the factory organization had total control over the environment of its rotating population of most young female workers. The Boston Associates took their republican leadership role seriously and highly supervised their workers. The company agents had unquestioned aristocracy around the town. Beneath them, the overseers made sure that the factories ran properly and controlled the female workers, while the Irish day labor were considered at the bottom of the social structure of Lowell. The system was successful for a number of years, but ultimately independence of mind won out, along with the introduction of an increasing amount of Irish immigrant workers. Although seemingly well-intentioned, the founder of Lowell created a community too closely tried to industrial capitalism to become a model of republican virtue....
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