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9/26/07 HIST-143 In ‘“Instruments of Seductions”: A Tale of Two Women.’ Sandra F. VanBurkleo examines the role of females in American Puritan society. The reader is presented with two women who were excommunicated from the church because did not allow their gender to hold them back. Anne Hibbens and Anne Hutchinson both shocked their traditional Puritan society through their outspoken behavior. Anne Hutchinson was a spiritual woman who held women’s meetings in her home. She became involved with a movement that led to Hutchinson and her followers both walking out of church in the middle of services. As the tide of Hutchinson’s movement turned, proceedings began against her for charges of “troubling the peace” among other things.
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Unformatted text preview: At first Hutchinson is able to put up a fight against the male leaders of the community, but soon they were able to use her gender against her. She was excommunicated and walked away from the chuch in March of 1638. Although Anne Hibbens was also disconnected from the church, her reason for dismissal was altogether different in origin. Hibben’s charges of unwomanly violations stemmed from her dispute with a worker. When she was mischarged (in her eyes) for a product by the local carpenter, Anne Hibbens became angry. She looked for a better price among other carpenters and in the process refused the help of man. This slight led to her excommunication and eventually witch trials....
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