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Origins of Revolution: Old Question: When did US history start? New Question: Build up to American Revolution: Why did it happen? What caused it? Everything was built on English assumptions, Colonists used to believe they were all English, but somewhere along the line, began to see themselves as Americans. Adaptation in diverse environment (filled with English, Indian, French, etc) leads to a new sense of identity for the colonists. Same class issues exist: back country vs. coastal elite But the big issue is really related to the decline of religion, political power of church decreases as church attendance decreases because there are more immigrants with different kinds of worship with economic growth. The decline leads to a religious revival, the Great Awakening, which really was a series of revivals between 1720s-1760s, slowly spreading from town to town, colony to colony (Connecticut Jersey Pennsylvania Frontier). The Great Awakening was a rebirth and revision of religion. A new idea of religion developed, with different form and content. - Jonathon Edwards and George Whitefield were both traveling preachers. o Involved in “barn storming” tours o Major players in bringing religion to the people, traveling from town to town 73 towns, 100 sermons, 800 miles Key Points: a. What they say: o Vengeful God- not loving God no mention of Elect, but other than that, very Calvinist viewpoint, but no sign of predestination. Rather, “REPENT AND BE FEARFUL” b. How they say it: o Itinerant preachers: traveling preachers Appeals to poor, who now have a chance to be save, as opposed to before when had no chance, because Elect were always rich. o Great Awakening exposes class difference to religious rhetoric challenges, elect, and idea that poor should be subordinate and “know your place.” Gone is elitism of education and notion of sacred spaces = they will preach anywhere: it’s not the building, it’s the message. Conversion in Calvinism is a process, long and drawn out, guided by minister- Awakening Conviction Reform Despair Conversion But with Awakening comes new different style: - Preachers used to be: o Educated o Community leaders o Wrote out hours long sermons - New preachers o Moved by faith, not focused on order o Loud, wild body movements o Exaggerated speech patterns o Preacher and crowd are equal o Whipped crowd into fervor by playing on emotions - Fundamentally challenges everything o Patriarch o Coastal/Anglican elite o Religious pluralism (no longer just one church) o Separation of church and state necessary o Common folk development sense of self worth, learn to challenge authority Meanwhile in England in 1707 is the creation of Great Britain, the unification of Scotland, Wales, and England. British, before this point,
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HistoryNotesSet2 - Set 2 Pg 1 Origins of Revolution Old...

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