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Chapter Notes-1 - Pledge trainers luckey anders timur...

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Chapter Notes Please pitch in money for Chip’s gift!!!!! Del Tiki went well Everyone is getting a new lock and key next year Air conditioning will be on for precession Walkout is coming soon Blood drive tomorrow. Free pizza and free tee shirt, and a chance to win a Flemings gift card Pay your dues Possible weekender next year Men’s night is next Wednesday night. Pick up a ballot! Don’t fuck with the del tiki stuff because we can use the stuff next year. It looks like we will be able to use the pool for precession Nominations for chairs Brotherhood- banis, danimal, will fair
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Unformatted text preview: Pledge trainers- luckey, anders, timur, Raghav, Blake, Myers, Nate, Comisky, DD’s, Mulhall, Banis, Sam Schulman Ritual Chair- Myers, Blake D, Shelbourne Social Chair- Blake Shelbourne, Dylan Landon, Gillies, Timur Education chair- Mike Seide, Clinton, Cody, Matt Reed, Timur, Stansberry, Reimel Philanthapy – Banis, Zale, Vic Song Chair- Danimal, Cody Wingert, Dylan Landon, Kirk P, Bobby McCarthy Intermerual Chair- Biff, Timur, Clinton, Berit Rush Chair- Sam Schulman, Ryan Cole, Klumb, Dom, Gillies, Shelbourne...
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  • Spring '08
  • wormer
  • English-language films, American films, American television actors, Timur, Rush Chair- Sam Schulman, Chair- Danimal

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