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Sunny Kaercher February 6, 2008 ENVS recitation Focus the Nation Response I really enjoyed the screening of Save Our Snow because it was both interesting and meaningful. It was a partially self-shot documentary of the journey of two guys working for the Clif Bar company. They traveled to recognized ski resorts throughout the United States and Canada via a soy van. On their adventures, they raised awareness about global warning by handing out clif bars and energy efficient light bulbs. While proponing their ‘Global Cooling’ campaign, they also got to snowboard and meet interesting people. I thought that the general idea of the ‘Global Cooling’ campaign was really effective for several reasons. The promotion was directed toward a specific group of people and it was approached in a fun way, not too mention free stuff!
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Unformatted text preview: Fixing climate change, or anything for that matter, is far more feasible if the broader topic is honed down to one particular concern that affects an accessible audience. I think that people who enjoy the mountains is a great crowd to target. Once the snow melts and does not come back, the entire notion of winter sports will be one of the first major victims of global warming. Economically, it is expensive to participate in winter sports, so hopefully these people will be able to help fund the reversal of this international catastrophe. I have an admirable perception of skiers and snowboarders, and have faith that they will step up to make a difference for the world. Even if their intentions are just to save the snow, it is still a win-win situation....
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